It happens to everyone at some point.

You sit down to write your content or plan it out and whoosh ….

It’s like all the ideas were sucked from your head by a hungry vacuum cleaner.


Panic starts to take its hold … you can feel the fear of the dreaded writer’s block start to slowly take its grip on you.

There’s nothing there.

You have no idea what to write about.

But … do not fear young maiden …

There are surefire ways to fill your head back up with glorious, awesome, creative content ideas.

Here are seven of them.



Grab a magazine, any magazine you have in your home and look at the cover.

Convert each of the teaser headlines into headlines for your blog or website.

You’ll likely have things like:

* The top ten ways to___
* Five secrets of__
* Easy ways to ____

And so on.

It’s a great way to provide quick and easy content ideas and get those creative juices flowing again.



Visit your favourite blog and expand on their latest blog post.

Or better yet, comment on the latest blog post and then write or blog about your comment.

You can use it to generate traffic to your site and provide new and valuable information to your audience.



Watch the national news for ten minutes.

Yes, yes … actually said watch TV.

I know … this goes against my own NO TV rule … but bear with me.

Chances are you’ll see something that relates to you, triggers you, sparks your interest or even leaves you totally bewildered.

You can use this news story to generate ideas for your content.

For example, a news story about the job market might lead you to write a blog about how to organize your life to attract more success as an entrepreneur.  Or a news story that triggers anger and rage in you could spark a post where you share some deep-rooted views or beliefs.

The news, while sometimes depressing, can also inspire great, and timely, content ideas.



Use comments and feedback you’ve received from others to create content for your blog or website, social media accounts or email newsletter.

For example, you might use a question comment from a tribe member to start a new blog post on the same topic. Your tribe are actually great sources of inspiration. You can also use your response to the commenter to generate a new blog post or article. 




Celebrities provide an abundance of entertainment for society.

As much as is pains me to say this but … I can’t help but get sucked into news about thKardashianna family. I can’t stand them, but dam they know how to market themselves and create an awesome cult-like following … plus … some of the stuff they say and do is bloody hilarious.

Celebrities can be an awesome inspiration for content ideas.

We watch what they do, who they do it with, what they wear, what they eat and where they live. You can often find celebrity information that relates directly to your niche … us this for your own awesome content ideas.



Find a quote that you love and expand on it.

This is actually one of my personal favourites … when I get in the crappy uninspired writer’s block situation … I’m straight on google checking out some famous quote and soon get the ideas flowing for things to say.

Share why you love it and what it means to you. Tie it to your business products, services or information and ask readers to provide their favourite quote on the subject.



Review a book, product, or service.

If you’re stumped for content, reviews are always appreciated by your tribe.

They provide valuable information and they give you an opportunity to earn an affiliate income. (Don’t forget to add your affiliate links to content like this … Monetise that shizzle girl)


Writer’s block or content idea block happens.

Don’t let it derail you!

Look around you for insight and inspiration.

And to prevent it from happening, keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas as they come to you!



Look at the content you have already created.

Repurposing your content is one of the BEST ways to create new content very quickly … and … if you are not already repurposing your old content then you are totally missing a trick!

Love & Light

Your Empire Creation Queen 👑

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