Your Visions Brought To Life!


I know you are an amazing, passionate, biz babe who’s transforming lives like a goddess – it’s time you had an unforgettable brand that matches up with your pure awesomeness.

You have a mission … You have a purpose ...

You have passion, love, awesomeness just oozing from every part of you.

But, have you created an unforgettable, unique brand that screams out to your ideal clients and draws them to you like a moth to a flame?

Probably not … or you wouldn’t be here reading this page now would you lol.

Fear not beautiful lady … I’m on my own mission and that is to help amazing female entrepreneurs just like you bring their amazing brands to life with total ease!

To create an unforgettable brand … we have to dig deep …

Your Branding Is So Much More …

Branding goes way deeper than just your logo and colour scheme … did you even know that?

Most people don’t … they think once they have a logo they like and choose a few colours for their site, they’re all set on the branding front.


Awesome Branding Is Deep …

Real branding is when you, your personality, your core values, beliefs, passion and mission are all brought together along with awesome visuals to create an experience that your tribe will never forget.

Branding is the difference between being forgettable, dull and boring …and … standing out from the crowd and being easily recognisable and unforgettable.

Your Target Market

Your Biz Mission

Your Voice & Message

Your Unique Selling Point

Your Visual Identity

Awesome Branding Matters!

Hi, I'm Lisajane ...


Empire creation queen … selfie queen … branding queen … web design queen … QUEEN!


I’m going to create the most ‘off the chain’ brand for you and your business!


You want to be unforgettable?


You want to have clients knocking your doors down to work with you?


You want to stand out, get noticed and become a “guru” in your niche?


I got your back girl! … Let’s get you BRANDED!!

How I'll Help You ...

Digging Deep

I used to be a business mentor of female entrepreneurs, helping them create their 6-figure empires and reach awesome levels of success … so I kind of know a thing or 2 about what is needed to craft out a kickass brand.


I will help draw out all the awesomeness within you … digging deep to unleash your passion, purpose and mission.


Knowing who your target market is, how you want to serve them and bringing it all together.


Inside Your Head

Not only am I a creativity little chica, but I also have a special skill of being able to crawl inside your head, grab hold of those visions and then bring them to life.


I’m pretty in tune with my intuition, which helps me to create amazing brands for my clients.



Empire Creation Queen


What Are The Benefits Of Awesome Branding?


It’s hard to remember a company with a generic, boring name, colour scheme, message and promo visuals.

You may not be able to distinguish their purpose and business focus.

And why would you call a company if you couldn’t tell what they did?

Branding your business properly ensures people will KNOW what you’re about and never forget you!


The fact is, people, build close bonds with brand identities.

Consumers want quality products and services they can trust. So, your business should have an identity that they can cling to.

If your biz delivers great products and services and has an awesome brand identity, people will remember you. In addition, they will often refer you to friends and family.


You want the people who have not done business with you to still know who you are and what you do.

If they see your ads in their newsfeed, hear them on a podcast, see them on television, or any other media, they will know your brand. identity.

And when the time comes that they need your product or service, your name will be the first to come to mind.


We are a very brand aware society.

People commonly associate brand names with quality and may only buy certain brands for that reason.

If people only want one brand of a particular product, they are willing to pay a higher price.

Having a great brand will make your business have a superior image and cause consumers to forget about the competition.

People are willing to pay more for products or services that they highly regard.


This means that customers are likely to pass up cheaper prices with competitors IF your brand has made a positive impression on them.

My Work


Check out some of the branding work I have created for amazing clients.

Branding Mood Board

Branding Mood Board

Branding Mood Baord

Branding Mood Board



This Is What I Do

Strategy calls

This is where you and I get together and we start to piece together your amazing brand.

We will dive in deep and I’ll help you to hone in on your mission, message, goals, visions, target market and everything in between.

There is quite a lot of coaching and mentoring included in this call which will give you enormous amounts of clarity and help you to visualise your dream empire even more.

These calls are invaluable and totally awesome.

Mood Board

The next stage is where we start working on creating an awesome mood board for your brand.

Mood boards are not just to see colours and fonts, they are used to bring together all the elements that make up your brand … such as your mission, your personality, your logo’s … and all the other elements such as colours and fonts.

These mood boards are then used as a template to work from to create everything for your brand.

Design Work

Now that we have a branding mood board that make you swoon with pleasure, we can use this to create a cohesive and constant branding package for you.

This is where I get to dive in, let my creative juices flow and start designing your unique, one of a kind branding pack.

You will have everything you need to showcase your awesome business, stand out from your competition and be totally unforgettable to your ideal clients.

Your brand will come to life.

Need Your Web Site Designed As well?

If you’re looking for both branding and web design then click the link below to be taken to my branding and web design packages.

Are Your Ready To Get Branded?

Branding Steps …


Click the “GET BRANDED!” button.

This will take you to the next step which is filling out your branding questionnaire.

This is where you will get to start sharing info about you, your business, your ideas, etc so that I can get a feel and better understanding of your business, branding needs.

Please add as much detail to this questionnaire as possible … you really can’t ‘give me too much’ info at this stage. The more the better.

Once you’re done, you can submit to me to review and then I will email you within 48 hours to take to the next step.

Don’t worry, you do not need to make a payment at this point.

2 - Do your research now

Once you have submitted your questionnaire to me, you should start doing your own research on branding and websites you like the look of.

Start making note, bookmarking URL’s etc. 

What is super helpful for both you and me is, if you create a private Pinterest board on your account, start searching for mood boards you like, images you love, fonts that light you up and anything else that inspires you.

You can then share this private board with me so I can literally SEE what branding and design you love.

3 - The Paper Work

Yeah, this step is boring … but necessary.

 Next, I will send you an invoice for the package you have chosen. 

Once the first payment is made, then I will send you your client agreement to read and sign as soon as possible.

4 - Let's Chat

Now we get to jump on our first call together and talk all things branding, design, colours, beautiful stuff and everything in between.

This is where we will dive deep into your business message, mission, values, purpose, target market, goals AND the design shizzle.

Even if you are a brand new business and are still not 100% clear on a few things, that’s totally ok. I was a business mentor for 3 years before moving to design work … so I can help you hone in on your mission/message/target market etc.

We will have around 2 of  of these strategy calls over a 6-week period to really nail down your branding in a deep way.

5 - Mood Board

Creating your business mood board is the next step.

This will give us a visual of what your brand stands for, how it will look and how it will make people feel.

You’ll have your brand colours, font’s, textures, overlays, any extra elements or add on’s, inspiration images all on this one board.

Once I have created this board and you have seen it and love it, we can move onto the next set.

6 - The Branding

Now we know what your brand stands for, how it should look and feel, I can start creating all the branding elements for your business.

You’ll get a full branding pack which will include the following:

  • Main Logo x1
  • Alternative Logo x2
  • Submark Logo x1
  • Favicon x1
  • Web Page Header Images (if needed)
  • Backgrounds & Texture
  • Elements & Add-ons
  • Social Media Icon’s
  • Social Media Post Image Templates  x6
  • Profile Photo Frame x1
  • Social Media Header/Cover Images (Facebook Page, Group etc) x2
7 - Hand Over

Once you have approved all design work and have fallen desperately in love with your new brand … it’s time for me to bundle everything up and hand over your full branding package.

All your files will come in high-quality PNG, AI format ready for you to use.

They will be in zip files and added to your very own file in my dropbox.

I will send you a link to this file where you can easily download everything. Super simple and easy.

8 - launch

YEAH! It’s launch time!

Once you have downloaded all your branding files, you will then be able to load this onto your site, social media account etc and launch your new awesome brand.

This is the most exciting time ever!

You’ll finally have an amazing space in internet land that is just for you and your followers.

Wait … I Got Some Questions!!




From start to finish, I aim to get your branding done and handed over to you within 6 weeks. The only thing that should slow the process down is waiting for information or approval from yourself.


I sure do. You can spread the cost over 2 monthly payments. But please note, branding work will not be handed over to yourself until all payments have been made.


No. Everything is included in the package price. The only other cost that may come up is if you specifically request design work that is not included in the package.


I will save most of your design work in high-quality PNG or JPEG format for ease of use for you. Images such as your logos will come in PNG with a clear background and white background.


Here is a list of everything you will get handed over to you:

  • Main logo x1
  • Alternative logo x1
  • Submark Logos x1
  • Favicon x1
  • Full Branding Board – Colour hex Codes – Font Files
  • Branding Guide Book
  • Social Media Icons x6
  • Social Media Cover Images x2 (your own choice)
  • Social Media Post Templates x6
  • Selection of textures, overlays and elements for your own use.

Branding is a marketing technique that has the potential to elevate your business to the very top!


Stalk me on social media ... it makes me feel popular and needed 😂

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