Not making money in your business is not only frustrating but it’s bloody scary too.
I know … I have been there.
When you are at the start of your journey it’s kind of a given that the money isn’t going to instantly just start rolling in … things take time … you have to build that know, like and trust factor up with your tribe and set yourself up as the expert … that doesn’t happen overnight.
But what about when you have been on the scene for a while now, you have had a few clients, made a few sales but everything is just so fucking slow?
Sometimes it feels like your pulling teeth 😬
You have a few clients who pay you each month but how do you get more?
How do you really get that money coming in day after day, week after week?
Last year I worked with one awesome lady and she had this exact problem.
She was working with 4 1:1 coaching clients and the money coming in from them was enough to cover her bills etc but she had nothing left over.
She didn’t know how to bring in more money into her business.
She was worried that this would be it … and the only way she could make more money was to keep increasing her prices.
Now, there is a reason why I call myself an empire creation coach … because I help my clients create GROWING empires.
That means having multiple streams of income coming in which continue to grow and this is usually the main reason people come to me for 1:1 work … as did the lady I just mentioned.
This lady in question managed to take her monthly income from £2720 to over £4000 in the first 4 weeks we work together.
She did what now??
In 4 weeks … she went from £2720 to over £4000 … and it continued to grow from there.
Now she had been stuck at £2720 for over 6 months … not making a penny more or penny less … but she was so keen to grow, make more money and finally break that income plateau.
So what did she do?
Let me break it down for you …
Everything has to start with Mindset – she really didn’t like selling so avoided it at all costs within her business. This instantly put her on a difficult path as … well … if you want to make money … have to sell.
So we worked on her Mindset around selling and started to get that on point.
She needed to reconnect with the stuff that she was passionate about and bring all that back to life.
We had an epic brainstorming session where she talked about all the areas of her work she just loved and the areas she didn’t enjoy much. We also talked about things she loved which she wasn’t YET bringing to life in her business.
It’s important to unleash your passion – when you create and sell thing YOU really love and are excited about, you will find selling a whole lot easier and enjoyable.
Of course … when we dived into this area she wasn’t doing any daily sales activities … she was doing sales activities maybe once or twice a week and it was the same thing over and over again …
Posting about her discovery calls and inviting people onto a call with her. (Just a little tip … nobody wants your discovery calls)
We made a list of all of the daily sales activates she could be doing in her business and I set her a new goal of doing 8 per day.
The more daily sales activities you do each day … the more money you make. FACT!
This was the bit she was most excited about … as was I … It’s one of my fav things to do … creating new awesome offers.
She decided to keep it simple and create a live workshop and keep this offer as a low-end offer for just £97.
I got her to create something from passion … something she would be super excited about and really put all her passion into.
She really was excited to create this offer and you could tell this in the promo content she shared during her launch.
I got excited about her workshop just listening to her talk on her live streams.
This was the part she was most scared of yet it was so easy for her once she started.
Because she had created an offer that actually excited her and she was really passionate about, she just got to share that passion, talking to her tribe about why SHE love this subject so much and how it benefits people in such awesome ways.
It was her passion that made the sales.
Couple all this with her continued mindset work around selling and her increasing her daily sales activities from nothing to 8 per day …
It wasn’t long before the sales started to roll in.
In her short 2 week launch, she managed to sell something like 14 places on her workshop at £97 each.
And the rest they say … is history!!
The next step was to turn her workshop into a passive income product …. create a cool opt-in for it and a highly converting sales funnel … set up some Facebook ads and start making money from it on an automated basis.
See how fucking easy it really is to make more money in your business?
See how quickly you can really turn it around??
Plus … doing all this is bloody FUN … because you get to choose what you create, how you sell it, how to deliver it and all that jazz.
You get to be as creative as you like and THAT is really bloody fun!
Doing this is NOT hard to learn …
Creating your growing empire doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth and I’m going to show YOU how to implement all this into your own business in my  MEGA MONEY PROGRAM called …
I’m going to show you exactly how you can start making money in your business every day!
Yes … every single day!!
And I’m going to show you just how bloody EASY and ENJOYABLE it really can be.
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Let’s get those daily sales coming rolling in for you too.

Love & Light

Your Empire Creation Queen 👑

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