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You have been given an awesome gift but you’re too afraid to share it
You have been given a deep message but you’re not sharing it with those who need it
You have been given a voice but you refuse to stand up and be heard
You have been given audience but you decided to hind instead of being seen
Why are you doing this?
God, the universe, your higher self, destiny … whatever you want to call it has given you all these things, all these amazing gifts so that you can change the fucking world and help people transform their lives and you still just stand there and do nothing.
What the fuck is even going on??
Ok, I get it … sharing your heart, soul, passion and message with the world is scary … but it’s your fucking duty!
This is the reason you are here!
This is your mission … your life’s purpose … so why the fuck are you letting a stupid little thing called fear hold you back from doing what you were born to do.
It’s time to drop all the bullshit girl!
It’s time to let go of that fear
It’s time to stand tall and fucking own your awesomeness.
The world wants to hear what you have to say … we need to hear your message!!
The world wants to see your gift … we need you to share it with us so that we can progress and grow … if you don’ share it … we’ll never know what you know.
The world wants to hear your voice … we need to know what you think, feel, believe.
We need you to speak up and share your awesomeness with us!!
You have been all this knowledge, experiences and the dreams for a reason and that because it is your duty to share it with the world … share it loud and proud is what is going to help US the most.
Why would you hide that from us?
Why would you choose to keep your awesomeness from those who need it the most?
That is incredibly selfish!!!
Yeah … look … I know it can be scary … it’s scary as hell to stand up and say … hey listen to me, listen to the information and guidance I have for you.
I get it … it’s bloody terrifying
But … it’s your fucking duty!
Do you not get that?
You are here for a reason … you are doing this biz shiz for a reason and that’s because this has always been your life’s work … this has always been the path you were meant to be on.
To share all that you know with the people who need it
So why are you being so selfish and keeping it all to yourself just because you’re scared?
Know this … we fucking NEED you!
We need to hear your message
We need you to teach us what you know
We need you to lead us
We need you to show us how to make the changes we need
We need you to be brave, be bold and stand up, speak your truth so we can hear it.
Without you doing this for us … we can’t progress … we can’t grow .. We can go any further than we are right now.
We need you to own your awesomeness so we can own ours.
I get incredibility triggered when I see awesome people refusing to share their gift with the world … due to fear of being rejected or fear of being seen a certain way that is unfavourable to them.
Can’t you see how bloody selfish this is??
You have been given a gift … a gift of knowledge, experience, skills … a gift to help other people … a gift to serve people in a way that will change THEIR lives …
But … you’re more concerned about your own fear than helping those people you were born to help.
It’s time to step the fuck away from that fear and embrace all that you are and all that you are here to do.
It’s easy to hide
It’s easy to be quite
It’s easy to fade into the background
But that’s not your job!
Your job is to share all that you know with the people who need it
Your job is to help people transform and make the changes they need … that won’t happen unless you drop your own fear, stop being selfish with your gift and stand up tall and tell the world what you know and how you can help.
We need you to do this for us!
We can’t make the transformation on our own … we need your knowledge and wisdom
We need you!
We need you to talk to us in an open and honest way … to kick our ass when we need it, to encourage us to make changes to guide us in the right direction.
We’re blind without you!!
We need you to create products and services that will help us even more and we need you to tell us about these. We don’t know how much you can help us until you stand up tall and tell us!!
We need you!!
It really is time for you to drop the bullshit and get the fuck over yourself. Punch fear right the face and allow us into your world.
Let me ask you a question …
Do you really think you have been through all you been through for no fucking reason?
Do you think all this knowledge and experience you have is meant to just sit inside your head and not be shared?
I think fucking not!
Everything you have experienced in your life has lead you to this point in time …
It’s your time to fucking shine
It’s your time to stand up, be heard and help us step into the next stage of our own life.
We can’t do it without you … can’t you see that??
Drop the fear
Stand up tall
Speak your truth
And help us move forward!
We need you!!


Love & Light

Your Empire Creation Queen 👑

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