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You know how you sit there thinking …
“How the hell does she make running a business look so easy?”
“I wonder what she does differently than me to get such awesome results?”
Well … I have the answer for you …
But … it might now be quite what you were hoping to hear.
You see all these women crushing it online, talking about the money they make, the impact they make and how their business is exactly what they dreamed of …
And you’re kind of jealous.
You’re jealous because you barely make enough money to cover the bills.
You totally overwork over-stretch yourself.
And you feel so FAR from having a real freedom-based business.
So why are you struggling but others aren’t?
Well … that’s simple …
Because you are treating your business like a fucking hobby or some kind of side-hustle instead of like a REAL business.
You’re not taking it fucking seriously.
It’s amazing how many people are jumping into the internet marketing business.
The good news is that the pie is pretty unlimited so we can all get a nice slice.
The bad news is that most of the people I encounter are thinking that they can create some “miracle” product, sit around and money will show up.
What’s up with that?
This is a fucking business … not a casino where you put down your money and hope it makes more for you.
Where you can just show up every now and then and people will flock to your services and buy all of your things.
The bottom line with this online business shizzle is that you will have to put in time and money to build, keyword – build, your business.
The more time you put in, the less money you have to put in.
Why don’t people get this?
They need to start treating their business like a business and stop treating it like a hobby or a trip to the fucking casino.
It’s pretty basic business sense.
No big secret here.
On the internet, you can run a business for under £100 a month to start.
Man … if your REALLY fucking clever you can get your business up and running and making money with pretty much ZERO down … I know I did.
Most businesses cost AT LEAST £5,000 to get started and can take 3 years to make ANY profit.
The “little guy/gal” has NEVER had such a great opportunity to make so much money before now.
And making money online is really easy … yes it is!
Whether you think that right now or not … it is!
There’s a ton of money to be made for anyone who wants to build an online business the right way.
Lord knows there’s also plenty of products that are great to teach you how to do it right.
But I keep hearing the same fucking thing from biz babes who think they’re going to put up a site and people will magically find out about it and buy what they’re selling.
If you build an ice cream stand in the middle of the desert do you think people will magically find it and buy fucking ice cream?
It’s the same concept.
That’s not how it works.
It’s called internet “marketing” for a reason.
The more you market and the better you market, the more money you’ll make.
Even better, the longer you do it the easier it gets to make even more money.
But … you need to start seeing your business as an actual real business, one that makes a profit and is set up for continually … not seeing it as a hobby.
Fix that mindset quick!
It disappoints me to run into people with this attitude because I know they could do really well if they would just put some effort into creating their business and start taking it seriously.
C’mon … Get fucking real.
Do you really expect to get results with an attitude of, “I’ll spend a bit of money and try this internet marketing thing to see if works.”
“Try” is a myth.
When someone says they’ll “try” to do something it’s wimpy ass code for …
“I expect to fail at this and have no intention of committing to getting results.”
Do it or don’t but don’t lie to yourself about “trying” anything.
Have you seen someone “try” to diet or seen a teenager “try” to not talk back to parents?
How did that work out?
These folks will give up quickly and settle for lives that don’t turn them on.
They’ll keep on doing work they can’t stand until one day they’ll fucking die.
On their death bed … all you’ll hear is …
“I should’ve, could’ve would’ve but didn’t.”
Will that be you??
Or will you fix up and take some real action and start taking your biz seriously?
Imagine if these people instead had the attitude of …
“I’m building a business to create the life of my mother fucking dreams for me and my family and nothings going to stop me!”
That’s completely different from …
“I created a website and a quick package and I’ll try and get some clients”
Which attitude do you think produces better results?
As long as we’re alive for 80 to 100 years why don’t we live it up and have fun making money and making more free time to do what we want with people we love?
Creating real businesses, online empires that we LOVE, that make us money, that make us profit, thet we can scale and grow and that makes a HUGE fucking positive impact on the world.
You must have 3 key things to thrive in this online biz world and create that awesome freedom-based biz you want …
1 – Passion (love what you fucking do)
2 – Motivation (Show the fuck up every day and do the work)
3 – Business mindset (not thinking of your business as a side hustle/hobby)
That’s what you bring to the table every day.
I’m driven by a passion to create my own online empire so that I won’t have to ever work a normal boring job I hate again.
I also have a passion to empower others who have dreams of creating lives of freedom for themselves.
What are you passionate about?
How can you make money from that?
Why don’t you go to work on it today?
Don’t fall into the trap these people are in.
If you don’t like how your life and biz is and you want to make it better, feel the pain of where your life will be in 10, 20 or 50 years if you stay on the same path.
Let that pain fuel you into action to take control of your life and build your dreams into your reality.

Love & Light

Your Empire Creation Queen 👑

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